DLP Projector—User’s Manual
Verify Installation Location
¾ To supply power, the 3-blade (with earthing lead) socket should be used to ensure proper
grounding and equalized ground potential for all of the equipment in the Projector System.
¾ The power code provided with the Projector should be used. In case of any missing item, other
qualified 3-blade (with earthing lead) power cord can be used as substitution; however, do not use
2-blade power cord.
¾ Verify if the voltage is stable, grounded properly and there is no electricity leakage.
¾ Measure total power consumption which should not higher the safety capacity and avoid safety
issue and short circuit.
¾ Turn on Altitude Mode when located in high altitude areas
¾ The projector can only be installed upright or inverted.
¾ When installation the bracket, make sure the weight limit is not exceed and firmly secured.
¾ Avoid installing near air conditioner duct or subwoofer.
¾ Avoid installing at high temperature, insufficient cooling and heavy dust locations.
¾ Keep your product away from fluorescent lamps to avoid malfunction
caused by IR interference
¾ The VGA IN connector should be connected to the VGA IN port. Note that it should be inserted
tightly, with the screws on both sides securely fastened to ensure proper connection of the signal
wire for achieving optimal display effect.
¾ The AUDIO IN connector should be connected to the AUDIO IN port and CANNOT be connected
to AUDIO OUT or other ports like BNC, RCA; otherwise, it will lead to mute output and even
DAMAGE the port.
¾ Install the projector above 200cm to avoid damage.
¾ The power cord and signal cable should be connected before power on the projector. During the
projector starting and operating process, DO NOT insert or remove the signal cable or the power
cord to avoid damaging the projector.
Cooling notes
Air outlet
¾ Make sure the air outlet is 50cm clear of any obstruction to ensure proper cooling.
¾ Air outlet location should not be in front of the lens of other projector to avoid causing illusions.
¾ Keep the outlet at least 100cm away from the inlets of other projectors
¾ The projector generates a massive amount of heat during use. The internal fan dissipates the heat
of the projector when shutting down, and such process may continue for a certain period. After the
project enters STANDBY MODE status, press the AC power button to turn off the projector and
remove the power cord. DO NOT remove the power cord during the shutdown process, as it may
cause damage to the projector. In the meantime, the delayed heat radiating will also affect the
service life of the projector. The shutdown process may vary depending on the model used.
Whatever the case may be, be sure to disconnect the power cord till after the projector enters the
STANDBY status.
Air inlet
¾ Make sure there is no object blocking air input within 30 cm.
¾ Keep the inlet away from other heat sources
¾ Avoided heavy dust area
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