DLP Projector—User’s Manual
Advanced Feature
Press the Menu button to open the OSD menu. Press ▲▼ to move to the Image Settings menu.
Press ENTER / button in the Advanced item. Press ENTER / button to entry item.Press▲▼to
move to the Advanced item and then press ENTER or or ◄► to setting value.
PC Detail Adjustment
Auto Adjust
Press ENTER or button; or Press the Auto button on the projector keypad or the
Auto button on the remote control to automatically adjust frequency, phase, and posi-
Image Position
Press ENTER / button to Image Position submenu, Press the ▲▼ or ◄► buttons
to Enter H/V position adjust Image Position.
This function is only available when a PC signal (analog RGB) is selected.
Phase Press the ◄► buttons to adjust the A/D sampling clock.
Frequency Press the ◄► buttons to adjust the A/D sampling number.
Image Position
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