DLP Projector—User’s Manual
Main Features
Lightweight unit, easy to pack away and transport.
Compatible with all major video standards including NTSC, PAL, and SECAM.
A high brightness rating allows for presentations in daylight or in lit rooms.
Supports resolutions up to SXGA+ at 16.7 million colors to deliver crisp, clear images.
Flexible setup allows for front, rear projections.
Line-of-vision projections remain square, with advanced keystone correction for angled
Input source automatically detected.
About this Manual
This manual is intended for end users and describes how to install and operate the DLP projector. Wher-
ever possible, relevant information—such as an illustration and its description—has been kept on one
page. This printer-friendly format is both for your convenience and to help save paper, thereby protecting
the environment. It is suggested that you only print sections that are relevant to your needs.
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