DLP Projector—User’s Manual
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LED Error Messages
Over temperature 0 ON 0
Thermal break status error 4 4 0
Lamp error 5 0 0
Fan1 error 6 0 1
Fan2 error 6 0 2
Fan3 error 6 0 3
Lamp door open 7 0 0
DMD error 8 0 0
Color wheel error 9 0 0
In the event of an error, please disconnect the AC power cord and wait for one (1) minute before re-
starting the projector. If the Power or Ready LEDs are still blinking or the Over Temp LED is lit,
contact your service center.
Image Problems
Problem: No image appears on the screen
1. Verify the settings on your notebook or desktop PC.
2. Turn off all equipment and power up again in the correct order.
Problem: The image is blurred
1. Adjust the Focus on the projector.
2. Press the Auto button on the remote control or projector.
3. Ensure the projector-to-screen distance is within the 10-meter (33-feet) specified range.
4. Check that the projector lens is clean.
Problem: The image is wider at the top or bottom (trapezoid effect)
1. Position the projector so it is as perpendicular to the screen as possible.
2. Use the Keystone button on the remote control or projector to correct the problem.
Problem: The image is reversed
Check the Projection setting on the Installation I menu of the OSD.
Problem: The image is streaked
1. Set the Frequency and Tracking settings on the Computer menu of the OSD to the de-
fault settings.
2. To ensure the problem is not caused by a connected PC’s video card, connect to another
Problem: The image is flat with no contrast
Adjust the Contrast setting on the Image menu of the OSD.
Problem: The color of the projected image does not match the source image.
Adjust the Color Temperature and Gamma settings on the Image menu of the OSD.
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