DLP Projector—User’s Manual
Important Safety Information
It is strongly recommended that you read this section carefully before using the projector. These
safety and usage instructions will ensure that you enjoy many years of safe use of the projector.
Keep this manual for future reference.
Symbols Used
Warning symbols are used on the unit and in this manual to alert you of hazardous situations.
The following styles are used in this manual to alert you to important information.
Provides additional information on the topic at hand.
Provides additional information that should not be overlooked.
Alerts you to situations that may damage the unit.
Alerts you to situations that may damage the unit, create a hazardous environment, or cause per-
sonal injury.
Throughout this manual, component parts and items in the OSD menus are denoted in bold font as in this
“Push the Menu button on the remote control to open the Main menu.”
General Safety Information
¾ Do not open the unit case. Aside from the projection lamp, there are no user-serviceable parts in
the unit. For servicing, contact qualified service personnel.
¾ Follow all warnings and cautions in this manual and on the unit case.
¾ The projection lamp is extremely bright by design. To avoid damage to eyes, do not look into the
lens when the lamp is on.
¾ Do not place the unit on an unstable surface, cart, or stand.
¾ Avoid using the system near water, in direct sunlight, or near a heating device.
¾ Do not place heavy objects such as books or bags on the unit.
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