DU9800Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Projector Overview
Front-left View
Front-right View
Rear View
1. Front IR Receiver
The Receiver is for IR signals from the remote control.
2. LED Indicator
Display current projector status such as power, light source
status and warning.
3. Lens Mounting Hole
The mounting hole is for installing the projection lens.
4. Air Intake
The fan pulls the cool air to the projector for system cooling.
5. Control Panel
Press the button to operate the OSD menu or adjust the lens
Settings see OSD controls.
6. AC Power Switch
Turn on/off the AC power of the projector.
7. AC Inlet
Connect the supplied power cable to this inlet.
8. I/O Connector Panel
Connect to various input, control or output terminals to the
9. Lens Release Button
Press the Lens Release button before removing the lens.
10. Height Adjuster
Adjust level of projector
11. Intake Vent
The fans pull air to cool the radiator of the projector.
12. Rear IR Receiver
The Receiver is for IR signals from the remote control.
Air passes through the projector’s grill openings to ensure good air circulation and to keep the projector
running smoothly. Do not obstruct any of the grill openings and keep the required distance from any
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