DU9800Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Remote Control Problems
Problem: The projector does not respond to the remote control.
1. Direct the remote control towards remote sensor on the projector.
2. Ensure the path between remote and sensor is not obstructed.
3. Check the remote sensor on OSD is turned on.
4. Ensure remote control wire is not plugged in the projector.
5. Turn off any fluorescent lights in the room.
6. Check the battery polarity.
7. Replace the batteries.
8. Turn off other Infrared-enabled devices in the vicinity.
9. Have the remote control serviced.
10. Ensure that the remote control code conforms to the projector's code if universal remote control is used.
11. Check if Projector ID control is enabled and the ID number is correct.
Projection Lens Problems
Problem: The Zoom or Focus adjustment cannot work.
1. Check if the lens is installed properly, improper lens installation may cause to lens cannot work normally. Please
follow the lens installation procedure to check again.
2. Check if Lens Lock function is enabled, locking the lens will disable all of lens adjustment functions.
3. Perform Center Lens function to calibrate the Lens again.
4. Replace the other lens to check the problem if the lens is available.
5. Contact with service center for the details.
Remote communication Problems
Problem: The projector does not respond to Ethernet control
1. Make sure Network Standby is turned on, the communication path is interrupted if it’s turned off(less 0.5W)
2. Check the network configuration in your laptop and projector; refer to Remote Communication manual for more
Having the Projector Serviced
If you are unable to solve the problem, you should have the projector serviced. Pack the projector in the original carton.
Include a description of the problem and a checklist of the steps you took when trying to fix the problem. The information
may be useful to the service personnel.
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