DU9800Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Common Problems and Solutions
These guidelines provide tips to deal with problems you may encounter while using the projector. If the problem remains
unsolved, contact your dealer for assistance.
Often the problem is something as simple as a loose connection. Check the following before proceeding to the
problem-specific solutions.
Use some other electrical device to confirm that the electrical outlet is working.
Ensure the projector is turned on.
Ensure all connections are securely attached.
Ensure the attached device is turned on.
Ensure a connected PC is not in suspending mode.
Ensure a connected notebook computer is configured for an external display. (This is usually done by pressing an
Fn-key combination on the notebook.)
Tips for Troubleshooting
In each problem-specific section, try the steps in the order suggested. This may help you to solve the problem more
Try to pinpoint the problem to avoid replacing non-defective parts.
For example, if you replace batteries and the problem remains, put the original batteries back and go to the next step.
Keep a record of the steps you take when troubleshooting. The information may be useful when calling for technical
support or for passing on to service personnel.
Image Problems
Problem: No image appears on the screen
1. Verify the settings on your notebook or desktop PC.
2. Turn off all equipment and power up again in the correct order.
3. Check if shutter is enabled.
Problem: The image is blurred
1. Adjust the Focus on the projector.
3. Performance Auto Sync on the remote control or projector.
4. Ensure the projection distance is within the specified range.
5. Check that if the projection lens is clean.
Problem: The image is wider at the top or bottom (trapezoid effect)
1. Position the projector so it is as perpendicular to the screen as possible.
2. Use the Keystone function to correct the problem.
Problem: The image is reversed or upside down
Check the Projection Mode setting on the CONTROL->Projection Mode menu.
Problem: The image is streaked
1. Set the Total dots (H Total) and VGA Setup settings on the INPUT menu of the OSD to the default settings.
2. To ensure the problem is not caused by a connected PC’s video card, connect to another computer.
Problem: The image is flat with no contrast
1. Adjust the Contrast setting on the PICTURE menu of the OSD.
2. Adjust the Brightness setting on the PICTURE menu of the OSD.
Problem: The color of the projected image does not match the source image.
Adjust the Color temperature and Gamma settings on the PICTURE menu of the OSD.
Projection Problems
Problem: There is no light from the projector
1. Check that the power cable is securely connected.
2. Ensure the power source is good by testing with another electrical device.
3. Restart the projector in the correct order and check that the Power LED is green.
4. Check if Blank or Shutter function is enabled
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