DU9800Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Auto Power Off
This function is set to OFF by default. When it is set to ON and no input signal is received within 20 minutes, the projector
will turn off automatically.
Auto Power On
This function is set to OFF by default. When it is set to ON, the projector will turn on automatically when y the AC power is
turned on the next time. You can use this function and the power switch (instead of the remote control) to turn on the
projector. Set this function to OFF if it’s unnecessary.
Use this function to configure the network settings, so that you can control the projector via the network. Press the or
button and Enter button to select Network and network settings. Please refer to Remote Communication Manual for
further information.
Standby Power
This option allows you to set up power consumption at standby status,
On: Projector maintains in the standby at higher power consumption (< 6W) for projector control via LAN. In this
mode, the projector can be turned on by RS-232 command or web control.
Off: Projector maintains in the standby at lowest power consumption (<0.5W), the projector can be turned on by
the power button on the remote control or control panel only.
DHCP: Set DHCP to ON/OFF. When DHCP is set to ON, the DHCP server of the domain will assign an IP address to
the projector. The IP address will appear on the IP address window without need to make any input. If the domain
cannot assign any IP address, will be shown on the IP address window.
IP Address: To specify an IP address, press the Enter button to show the IP address input window. Use the or
button to select the number in the address to change. Use the or button to increase or decrease the number in
the IP address. Network IP Address 172. xxx. xxx. xxx.
Subnet Mask: Set the subnet mask. The input method is the same as the setting for IP address.
Gateway: Set the gateway. The input method is the same as the setting for IP address.
DNS: Set the DNS. The input method is the same as the setting for IP address.
MAC Address: Shows the projector’s MAC Address.
Light Power
There are three options under Light Power for adjusting or fine turning the light power to set the desired brightness output.
Light Power: Use the or buttons to select the Eco, Normal or Custom Power Level mode.
Eco: Projector operates in the energy-saving mode, which is equivalent to 80 % power of light source.
Normal: Projector operating with normal light power can obtain the brightest projection display.
Custom Power Level: User can enable the custom power level mode.
Custom Power Level: Select this function and use the or buttons to adjust light power to between 100% and 20%.
Note: this function is enabled only when Laser Mode is set to the Custom Power Level.
Constant Brightness: Select On to enable this function. A built-in light sensor inside the projector monitors the level of
light so that when a reduction in light is detected, the sensor will regulate dynamically the electricity power to increase the
light output for your pre-defined brightness level, and thus maintaining a constant level of brightness.
This function is only enabled when the Customer Power Level is set at less than 100%. The reduced power
percentage will be used to later regulate the brightness when the Constant Brightness function is enabled.
Light Power
Light Power
Customer Power Level
Constant Brightness
Custom Power Level
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