DU9800Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Lens Lock
This function can be used to disable lens control for preventing unauthorized operation or disoperation in lens control
related functions and includes: Lens Shift, Zoom/Focus adjustment and Center Lens. It is recommend to turn on Lens
Lock function to disable the Lens control after lens adjustment is done.
Turning on Lens Lock will disable lens control function including Lens Shift, Center Lens and Zoom/Focus
adjustment. Please make sure Lens Lock is disabled before you perform the lens control function.
Lens Control
Select this function to open Lens Control menu for adjustment of Zoom, Focus, or Shift. You can use the ENTER button to
switch the Zoom / Focus or Shift menu. Use the or button to adjust zoom and vertical shift of the lens, or use the or
button to adjust focus and horizontal shift of the lens.
Lens Memory
This projector supports Lens Position Memory (LPS). Up to 10 programmed lens positions can be stored in the projector’s
memory. You can load the stored memory settings to set up the lens position automatically.
Load Memory: Use the or button to select the desired memory setting then press ENTER button to execute the
lens setting, the projector will adjust the Lens position automatically.
Save Memory: Use the or button to select the memory set for storing the setting then press ENTER button to
Clear Memory: Select the memory set to be cleared, then press ENTER button to confirm clearing memory set.
This is the lens calibration function; the projector calibrates the lens shift for the precise lens memory function. After
performing this function, the lens will be moved to the center position as factory default setting.
Lens Lock Off
Lens Control
Lens Memory
Center Lens
Digital Zoom
Edge Blend
Screen Format 16:10
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