DU9800Z DLP Projector - User Manual
This function is to set the 3D format and sync method. The projector detects the type of input signals and provides
relevant options for settings. Before performing 3D setting, make sure that the input signal is connected.
Off: Turn off the 3D Display Mode. When Auto, Side by Side, Top and Bottom, or Frame Sequential is selected,
the 3D Mode will be turned on. To turn off the 3D Mode, select “Off” and press “ENTER”.
Auto: Allow the 3D format to automatically detect the formats of Frame Packing, Top and Bottom, and Side by
Side. The input signal is HDMI 1.4a 3D.
Side by Side (Half): This option is only applicable to input signal HDMI 1.4a 3D or HDMI signal sent by
HDBaseT Transmitter.
Top and Bottom: This option is only applicable to input signal HDMI 1.4a 3D or HDMI signal sent by HDBaseT
Frame Sequential: Set input format under Frame Sequential.
Eye Swap: If the 3D image transmitted to the 3D glasses is reverse, you can set the Eye Swap to “Reverse”
to normalize the image. Otherwise, keeping mode of “Normal” would be suggested.
DLP Link: This function is to activate or deactivate the DLP Link sync.
Dark Time: Manually switch the Dark time for glasses tolerance, the available options are 0.65ms, 1.3ms and
Sync Reference: The projector provides DLP Link and 3D IR sync for 3D display, you can specify the built-in
DLP Link or external 3D IR transmitter to synchronize the signal of the 3D glasses, or select Auto to set the
sync signal depended on the 3D format and if external 3D sync device is connected. This function is only
applied to the condition that 3D Format is Frame Sequential or external 3D sync device is connected to the
External: Signal is sent from external 3D sync signal receiver.
Internal: Signal is sent by the projector, 3D sync signal is DLP Link.
Auto: Projector select 3D sync signal depended on the 3D format and if the extend 3D sync device is
Important reminders:
People with the following conditions should view 3D image with great care:
Children under six years in age
People who are sensitive to light or allergic to light, unhealthy and have a history of
cardiovascular diseases.
People who are tired or lack of sleep
People who are under the impact of drugs or alcohol
Normally, it is safe to watch 3D images. However, some people might feel uncomfortable.
Refer to the guidelines that were revised and released by the 3D League on December 10,
2008. It states that those who watch 3D images, need to take a break for at least 5 to 15
minutes every thirty minutes or one hour.
Auto Sync
You can use this function to execute signal source auto synchronization.
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