DU9800Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Find preferred location of PIP window.
Top Left: Display sub picture at top left of the screen.
Bottom Left: Display sub picture at bottom left of the screen.
Top Right: Display sub picture at top right of the screen.
Bottom Right: Display sub picture at bottom right of the screen.
PBP: Display sub picture next to main picture, the main screen is shrined to the same size as sub picture.
Auto Source
The Auto Source functions “ON” lets projector automatically search for the input signal.
Color Space
This function allows you to change the corresponding color space for the input signal in most cases, the default is Auto.
Auto: The projector detects the input signal and switches to the corresponding color space automatically.
YPbPr: Set the color space to ITU-R BT 601.
YCbCr: Set the color space to ITU-R BT 709.
RGB-PC: Use the RGB color space and set the black to 0, 0, 0 RGB, while set the white to 255, 255, 255 RGB (if an
8-bit image is used).
RGB-Video: Use the RGB color space and set the black to 16, 16, 16 RGB while set the white to 235, 235, 235 (if an
8-bit image is used) to correspond to the luminance value defined in the digital component standard.
Aspect Ratio
This function allows the user to adjust the aspect ratio of the projection image by the or button.
Noise may appear on the edge of the projected image or image may be smaller than projected image, select below option
to hide the noise or extend the image.
Off: Display the original image.
Crop: Hide the edge of the image
Zoom: Extend the image to fit the projected area as possible.
Set the H Total, H Start, H Phase and V Start for the VGA signal by ENTER key.
The built-in images are provided for installation and adjustment. You can select TEST PATTERN or Test Pattern on OSD
or the TEST PATTERN button on the remote control to show the test pattern. Press the or button to select pattern or
press EXIT key again to exit the test pattern. The available test pattern options are White, Green, Crosshatch, Color Bar,
Black, Blue, H-Burst, Red, Chess Board and V Burst.
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