DU9800Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Adjusting the Projected Image Position
The DU9800Z projector has the powered lens shift feature; the image can be shifted vertically or horizontally without
moving the projector. The lens shift range is shown in the percentage of the image height and width, the maximum vertical
shift range can be up to 50% of the projected image height and down to 50% of the height, and maximum horizontal shift
range is 15% of the image width to right and left. Please refer to below illustration.
The projector is equipped with a safety switch inside the lens mount hole. The projection lens must be
installed in the projector before turning on the power or the projection can’t be displayed.
There is a Lens Lock function on OSD menu to disable lens control adjustment for avoiding possible
misoperation after you finish the adjustment. Please make sure to disable the lock before performing
the lens control.
Adjusting the Focus and Zoom
The focus and zoom can be adjusted from the projector control panel or remote control. Refer to the following guides to
adjust the focus and zoom manually.
Press the Focus or Zoom button on the control key panel or remote control to adjust the focus or zoom effect using the
increase and decrease buttons as required
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