4 103EQ - Overview
3 Overview
The Kramer 103EQ is a 3-band parametric equalizer that is used to optimize the
quality of sound of speakers, specifically the Kramer Galil-2C.
The 103EQ fixes microphone feedback and fine-tunes the room sound. The
103EQ lets you set the low, mid and high frequencies separately allowing
flexibility in fitting the audio signal to your specific needs. For each frequency
range you can set the center frequency (kHz), the bandwidth (in terms of Q) and
the gain (amplitude).
The 103EQ is always connected between the source and the amplifier.
The 103EQ 3 Band Parametric EQ features:
Three adjustable frequency bands (low, mid and high)
For each band you can set the frequency, the Q and the gain
Frequency setup of the center of the frequency of the band
Q setup of the bandwidth; a low value widens the bell and a high
value narrows it
Gainranges between +15dB and -20dB
One balanced input and one balanced output
Size Compact TOOLS, three units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a
1U rack space with the optional RK-3T rack adapter
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