103EQ Introduction 1
1 Introduction
Welcome to Kramer Electronics! Since 1981, Kramer Electronics has been
providing a world of unique, creative, and affordable solutions to the vast range
of problems that confront video, audio, presentation, and broadcasting
professionals on a daily basis. In recent years, we have redesigned and
upgraded most of our line, making the best even better!
Our 1,000-plus different models now appear in 14 groups that are clearly defined
by function: GROUP 1: Distribution Amplifiers; GROUP 2: Switchers and
Routers; GROUP 3: Control Systems; GROUP 4: Format/Standards Converters;
GROUP 5: Range Extenders and Repeaters; GROUP 6: Specialty AV Products;
GROUP 7: Scan Converters and Scalers; GROUP 8: Cables and Connectors;
GROUP 9: Room Connectivity; GROUP 10: Accessories and Rack Adapters;
GROUP 11: Sierra Video Products; GROUP 12: Digital Signage; GROUP 13:
Audio; and GROUP 14: Collaboration.
Congratulations on purchasing your Kramer 103EQ 3 Band Parametric EQ,
which is ideal for the following typical applications:
Enhancing the sound of the Kramer Galil-2C Closed-Back Ceiling
Note that the 103EQ needs to be set as described in Section 5.1 to be
used with the Galil-2C.
Sound equalization
Optimization of the sound quality for different environments
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