12 103EQ - Setting the 103EQ
5.2 EQ Graph Shape
Figure 7 defines the required EQ graph shape
Figure 7: EQ Graph shape Requirements
To setup the 103EQ to work with the Kramer Galil-2C speakers, set the device
as illustrated in Figure 8 (note that the gray horizontal line indicates the default
Set the trimmers as indicated by the red arrows shown in Figure 8:
1. Make sure that Band 1 remains at its default setting.
2. Set Band 2 as follows:
kHz: 1 step counter-clockwise.
Q: clockwise to the maximum.
GAIN: 3 steps counter-clockwise
3. Set Band 3 as follows:
kHz: keep at default setting.
Q: clockwise to the maximum.
GAIN: 3 steps clockwise.
Figure 8: Setting the 103EQ for using with the Galil-2C Speakers
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