10 103EQ - Setting the 103EQ
5 Setting the 103EQ
The 103EQ parametric equalizer lets you adjust the sound so it will suit your
For optimal adjustment of the 103EQ when using with the Kramer
Galil-2C, see Section 5.1.
When setting the 103EQ for other applications, bear in mind that:
There are no steadfast rules to follow
The adjustment process is personal and you can adjust the different
elements of sound to your own liking
Each time you adjust the 103EQ, wait a moment to hear the result before
you readjust
Any change you make affects not only the range that you have just
adjusted but the total sound since the frequencies interact with each other
For the most efficient results start working with the low frequencies
You may need to make readjustments
To adjust the 103EQ:
1. Set the lower frequencies (band 1, from 40Hz to 1200Hz) as follows:
Increase the gain in order to identify the frequency band
Center the frequency to the band of interest
Set the bandwidth accordingly
Adjust the gain to the level required
Tweak the three trimmers (repeatedly) for optimal sound
2. Take a moment to listen to the result.
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