8 103EQ - Connecting the 103EQ
4.1 Connecting the Input and the Output
The LINE IN / LINE OUT 3-pin terminal block connectors can accept either a
balanced or an unbalanced connection; however, an unbalanced connection
requires some modification. The next two sections explain how to connect the
103EQ to its input source/output acceptor.
4.1.1 Connecting Balanced Mono Inputs/Outputs
When using a balanced input source / output acceptor and connector, you must
ensure that the hot, cold, and ground pins of the connector are matched up to
the +, , and ground pins of the 103EQ terminal block connector respectively.
The following diagrams illustrate how to connect standard XLR and 6.5mm
phone jack.
Figure 3: Connecting a Balanced XLR Input
Figure 4: Connecting a Balanced 6.5mm Phone Jack
The LINE OUT pinout is identical to the LINE IN pinout examples
illustrated in Figure 3 and Figure 4.
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