Your FC-31 UXGA to DVI Converter
Table 1: FC-31 UXGA to DVI Converter Features
# Feature Function
1 12V DC +12V DC connector for powering the unit
2 UXGA IN HD15 Connector Connects to the computer graphics source
3 DVI OUT Connector Connects to the DVI acceptor
4 ON LED Illuminates when receiving power
5 ADJUST Dipswitches Used to adjust the vertical and/or horizontal position on the screen,
and/or the sharpness of the picture (see section 4.1)
4.1 Dipswitch Settings
Figure 2 and Table 2 define the dipswitches:
Table 2: Dipswitch Definitions
DIPs Set to adjust the:
1 to 3 (Vs) Vertical position on the screen
4 to 8 (Hs) Horizontal position on the screen
9 to 12 (SHARP) Sharpness of the picture
Figure 2: Dipswitch Definitions
To adjust the vertical position of the image, set the dipswitches as required,
according to Table 3:
Table 3: (Vs) Vertical Positioning Dipswitch Settings
In this state: DIP 1 DIP 2 DIP 3
Shift Down (4 steps) OFF OFF OFF
Shift Down (3 steps) ON OFF OFF
Shift Down (2 steps) OFF ON OFF
Shift Down (1 step) ON ON OFF
No shift OFF OFF ON
Shift Up (1 step) ON OFF ON
Shift Up (2 steps) OFF ON ON
Shift Up (3 steps) ON ON ON
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