3 Overview
The Kramer MultiTOOLS® FC-31 UXGA to DVI Converter is a high quality
converter for converting an analog computer graphics signal on an HD15
connector to a digital DVI-D signal. In particular, the FC-31:
Includes dipswitches that let you adjust the horizontal position, the
vertical position, and/or the sharpness of the image
Supports an input resolution of up to UXGA
Is 12VDC fed
Achieving the best performance means:
Connecting only good quality connection cables, thus avoiding
interference, deterioration in signal quality due to poor matching, and
elevated noise levels (often associated with low quality cables)
Avoiding interference from neighboring electrical appliances and
positioning your FC-31 away from moisture, excessive sunlight and dust
4 Your FC-31 UXGA to DVI Converter
Figure 1 and Table 1 define the FC-31:
Figure 1: FC-31 UXGA to DVI Converter
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