Operating the VA-1H
6 Operating the VA-1H
To operate your VA-1H:
1. Press the ON button.
2. While observing the display, press the right or left SHIFT buttons as needed
to center the picture. Depending on the resolution, the image can be shifted
up to about 1/3 of the screen in either direction.
Note: To increase the correction speed, press and hold the SHIFT button for
more than 3 seconds.
3. The setting is saved in non-volatile memory 5 seconds after the last
4. When the VA-1H is turned OFF and ON after a correction is made, the ON
button lights weakly to indicate a stored value.
Note: If, when the VA-1H unit is turned ON, the ON button lights brightly
and stays lit, there is a problem reading from non-volatile memory. Contact
Customer Support.
6.1 Resetting the Memory
To erase the contents of the non-volatile memory, perform the following:
1. Unplug and replug the power supply to turn the unit OFF and ON.
2. Press the left and right SHIFT buttons simultaneously for a short time.
3. When the ON button lights brightly, the operation was successful.
4. Unplug and replug the unit again to resume normal operation.
The ON button does not illuminate since there is no stored value.
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