3 Overview
The Kramer VA-1H UXGA Sync Shifter is a high-performance sync delay
corrector that can be used for any computer graphics video signal from
When sending a computer graphics video signal from a PC to a monitor via
a long-distance display cable, the delay between the picture information and
the sync may cause a horizontal shift on the display. The VA-1H
compensates by shifting the sync accordingly, so that the picture is properly
To achieve the best performance:
Use only good quality connection cables
to avoid interference,
deterioration in signal quality due to poor matching, and elevated
noise levels (often associated with low-quality cables).
Avoid interference from neighboring electrical appliances that
may adversely influence signal quality and position your Kramer
VA-1H away from moisture, excessive sunlight and dust
Caution – No operator-serviceable parts inside unit.
Warning – Use only the Kramer Electronics input power
wall adapter that is provided with this unit
Warning – Disconnect power and unplug unit from wall
before installing or removing device or servicing unit.
1 Available from Kramer Electronics on our Web site at http://www.kramerelectronics.com
2 For example, part number 2535-052002
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