Your VM-28H / VM-216H
3.2 Defining EDID
The Extended Display Identification Data (EDID1
3.3 Recommendations for Best Performance
) is a data-structure,
provided by a display, to describe its capabilities to an HDMI source. The
EDID enables the VM-28H / VM-216H to “know” what kind of monitor is
connected to the output. The EDID includes the manufacturer’s name, the
product type, the timing data supported by the display, the display size,
luminance data and (for digital displays only) the pixel mapping data.
To achieve the best performance:
Connect only good quality connection cables, thus avoiding interference,
deterioration in signal quality due to poor matching, and elevated noise
levels (often associated with low quality cables)
Avoid interference from neighboring electrical appliances and position
your VM-28H / VM-216H away from moisture, excessive sunlight and
4 Your VM-28H / VM-216H
Figure 1 illustrates the VM-28H, Figure 2 illustrates the VM-216H and Table 1
defines the front and rear panels.
1 Defined by a standard published by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA)
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