3 Overview
The Kramer VM-28H 2 Input 1:8 HDMI Distributor and VM-216H 2 Input
1:16 HDMI Distributor are high quality distributors that accept one of two
HDMI inputs and distribute the signal to four outputs, allowing one or more of
the outputs to be connected to receiving devices, thus making them a versatile,
reliable component in a video system. The VM-28H / VM-216H distributes
signals having resolutions up to UXGA (1600x1200), including all HDTV
Each high quality HDMI Distributor accepts one of two HDMI inputs, and
distributes the selected signal to:
8 outputs (the VM-28H)
16 outputs (the VM-216H)
Both machinesthe VM-28H and VM-216H:
Support for up to 2.25Gbps bandwidth per graphic channel1
Can read and store, in non-volatile memory
2, the EDID3
Let you acquire the EDID from one output, from several connected
outputs or acquire the default EDID for fast and efficient connection of
the unit
block, for each
input separately, from an output display device, so it can then provide the
EDID information to the HDMI source even if the display device is not
Have a 19" 1U rack-mountable enclosure, and are fed from a 100-240
VAC universal switching power supply
1 Suitable for resolutions up to UXGA (1600x1200) at 60Hz, and for all HD resolutions
2 While the machine is ON
3 EDID is Extended Display Identification Data (see section 3.1 for a detailed definition)
4 Lets you use the EDID default value when no display from which to read the EDID is connected
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