Using the VM-28H / VM-216H
6.1.1 Connecting the VM-28H 2 Input 1:8 HDMI Distributor
To connect the VM-28H, as the example in Figure 3 shows, do the following1
1. Connect the HDMI OUTPUT connectors
2 to up to 8 HDMI acceptors, using
Kramer HDMI copper cables. In this example3
OUTPUT 1 connector to acceptor 1 (for example, a plasma display)
, connect the:
OUTPUT 2 connector to acceptor 2 (for example, an LCD TV)
OUTPUT 7 connector to acceptor 7 (for example, an LCD TV)
OUTPUT 8 connector to acceptor 8 (for example, a plasma display)
2. Connect the two HDMI sources, for example, a DVD player and a set top
box, to the INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 connectors, respectively, using the
Kramer HDMI copper cables.
3. If required, connect a PC and/or controller to the RS-232 port (see section 6.2).
4. Connect the power cord to the mains electricity.
Figure 3: Connecting a VM-28H 2 Input 1:8 HDMI Distributor
1 Switch OFF the power on each device before connecting it to your VM-28H. After connecting your VM-28H, switch on its
power and then switch on the power on each device
2 As required. Up to 8 outputs can be connected. Not all outputs need to be connected
3 Only connections from the first two acceptors and the last two acceptors are shown in Figure 3
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