1. Position the projector so it is as perpendicular to the screen as possible.
2. Use the Keystone button on the remote control to correct the problem.
Problem: The image is reversed
Check the Projection setting on the Settings 1 menu of the OSD.
Problem: The image is streaked
1. Set the Frequency and Tracking settings on the Image->Computer menu of the OSD to
the default settings.
2. To ensure the problem is not caused by a connected PC’s video card, connect to another
Problem: The image is flat with no contrast
Adjust the Contrast setting on the Image menu of the OSD.
Problem: The color of the projected image does not match the source image.
Adjust the Color Temperature and Gamma settings on the Image->Advanced menu of the
Lamp Problems
Problem: There is no light from the projector
1. Check that the power cable is securely connected.
2. Ensure the power source is good by testing with another electrical device.
3. Restart the projector in the correct order and check that the Power LED is on.
4. If you have replaced the lamp recently, try resetting the lamp connections.
5. Replace the lamp module.
6. Put the old lamp back in the projector and have the projector serviced.
Problem: The lamp goes off
1. Power surges can cause the lamp to turn off. Re-plug power cord. When the Power LED
is on, press the power button.
2. Replace the lamp module.
3. Put the old lamp back in the projector and have the projector serviced.
Remote Control Problems
Problem: The projector does not respond to the remote control
1. Direct the remote control towards remote sensor on the projector.
2. Ensure the path between remote and sensor is not obstructed.
3. Turn off any fluorescent lights in the room.
4. Check the battery polarity.
5. Replace the battery.
6. Turn off other Infrared-enabled devices in the vicinity.
7. Have the remote control serviced.
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