Power Safety
Only use the supplied power cord.
Do not place anything on the power cord. Place the power cord where it will not be in the way of
foot traffic.
Remove the batteries from the remote control when storing or not in use for a prolonged period.
Replacing the Lamp
Replacing the lamp can be hazardous if done incorrectly. See Replacing the Projection Lamp on page 48
for clear and safe instructions for this procedure. Before replacing the lamp:
Unplug the power cord.
Allow the lamp to cool for about one hour.
In rare cases the lamp bulb may burn out during normal operation and cause glass dust or shards
to be discharged outward from the rear exhaust vent.
Do not inhale or do not touch glass dust or shards. Doing so could result in injury.
Always keep your face away from the exhaust vent so that you do not suffer from the gas and
broken shards of the lamp.
Cleaning the Projector
Unplug the power cord before cleaning. See Cleaning the Projector on page 52.
Allow the lamp to cool for about one hour.
Regulatory Warnings
Before installing and using the projector, read the regulatory notices in the Regulatory Compliance on
page 66.
Important Recycle Instructions:
Lamp(s) inside this product contain mercury. This product may contain other electronic waste that
can be hazardous if not disposed of properly. Recycle or dispose in accordance with local, state, or federal
Laws. For more information, contact the Electronic Industries Alliance at WWW.EIAE.ORG. For lamp
specific disposal information check WWW.LAMPRECYCLE.ORG.
Symbol Explanations
DISPOSAL: Do not use household or municipal waste collection services for
disposal of electrical and electronic equipment. EU countries require the use
of separate recycling collection services.
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