Select “Turn Windows features on or off” to open
Have “Telnet Client” option checked, then press “OK” button.
Specsheet for “RS232 by TELNET” :
1. Telnet: TCP
2. Telnet port: 23 (for more detail, kindly please get contact with the service agent or team)
3. Telnet utility: Windows “TELNET.exe” (console mode)
4. Disconnection for RS232-by-Telnet control normally: Close Windows Telnet utility directly after
TELNET connection ready
5. Limitation 1 for Telnet-Control: there is only one connection for Telnet-Control in one projector
Limitation 2 for Telnet-Control: there is less than 50 bytes for successive network payload for
Telnet-Control application.
Limitation 3 for Telnet-Control: there is less than 26 bytes for one complete RS232 command for
Limitation 4 for Telnet-Control: Minimum delay for next RS232 command must be more than 200
(*, In Windows built-in “TELNET.exe” utility, “Enter” key pressed will have “Carriage-Return” and
“New-Line” code.)
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