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KRT-3 Installing KRT-3
Installing KRT-3
KRT-3 can be installed in the following ways:
Attaching KRT-3 to the Underside of a Table, on page 4.
Attaching KRT-3 to a TBUS, on page 5.
Attaching KRT-3 to the Underside of a Table
You can mount KRT-3 to the underside surface of a table and use it as a standalone device.
To attach KRT-3 under a table:
1. Place KRT-3 under the table in the desired location.
Make sure that the retracting cable faces the edge of the table.
2. Pass the 3 4x50 Philips screws through the table screw openings and tighten them
to fix the retractor under the table.
Figure 2: Attaching KRT-3 to a Table
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