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KRT-3 Introduction
KRT-3 is a furniture-mounted cable retractor that is easily installed underneath a table-top.
You can also install one or more KRT-3 units in conjunction with a Kramer TBUS unit, such as
TBUS-1AXL, TBUS-10XL, TBUS-203XL (with installation kit for pop-up TBUS) and more.
Convenient and easy to install in any TBUS.
Intuitive Use Pull and stop or pull and retract.
Available Cable Types HDMI (High Speed HDMI with Ethernet), VGA, audio (3.5mm),
LAN, USB, USB-C, and DisplayPort.
Maximum Cable Extension Up to 1.8m (6ft).
Horizontal Mount Easily mounts, independently, under a table or shelf.
TBUS Compatibility Retractable cable mounts directly into the TBUS insert opening via
a cable pass-through opening.
The HDMI cable version is used throughout this manual as an example. The same applies
to retractors with other cable types.
The unit is sturdy, cost-effective, and easy to install.
Typical Applications
The KRT-3 is ideal for:
Conference rooms.
Training rooms.
Hotel lobbies.
Cafes and restaurants.
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