DU8090Z DLP Projector - User Manual
Making Connections
Follow the instructions below to connect DU8090Z projector to the video source, external control equipment (if any).
When connecting to the equipment, use the correct signal cable to connect to the signal source and ensure that the
cable is securely connected. Fasten the nut on the joint and connect the signal source equipment to the projector
according to the figure below.
Connecting to Personal Computer
You can connect the PC signal to be projected to the projector through the DVI-D, HDMI, VGA or RGBHV (BNC) cable.
If the signal to be input is VGA signal, connect the VGA cable to the external display to simultaneously monitor the
projected content.
Connecting to the Video Device
Connect the video equipment to the input port of the projector via the DVI-D, HDMI, and Component Video connector.
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