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Getting to Know Your VS-55A switcher
The Kramer VS-55A is a high performance 5x1 switcher for stereo audio signals. Using RCA
connectors, one of up to five sources can be routed to an output. The VS-55A can be used as an
independent audio switcher, but is also designed to easily link with other VS-55 series Kramer
switchers such as the VS-55V for composite video, or the VS-55YC for s-Video, to form “audio-
follow-video” systems.
The VS-55A also provides an EXT connector, which allows several units to be combined to form
larger switching systems. For example, two units will form a 10x1, three will form a 15x1, etc. A
12VDC-power supply is included for typical operation, but the optional model VA-50P can power up
to six Kramer devices requiring 12VDC. All Kramer VM-50 and VS-55 series products can be rack-
mounted using the model RK-50R rack kit which holds two units
in one or two vertical rack spaces.
Panel features of the VS-55A are described in Figure and Table .
: VS-55A Front and Rear Panel Features
: VS-55A Front and Rear Panel Features
No. Feature Function
1. POWER Switch Supplies power to the machine
2. INPUT Selector switches Illuminated touch-button switches for selecting the desired input.
3. INPUTS sockets 5 Dual RCA connectors that serve as the inputs to the machine.
4. OUT socket 1 Dual RCA connector that serves as the output of the machine.
5. EXT socket A single RCA socket that is used for switcher extension
6. 12VDC socket For connecting a DC power supply to the machine
7. LINK socket A DB-9 female socket for parallel operation of several machines or
for contact closure remote control.
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