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This section describes the controls and connections of your switcher. Understanding all the controls and
connections helps you realize the full power of your switcher.
Getting to Know Your VS-55 switcher
The Kramer VS-55 is a high quality, dual wideband switcher for use with any set of dual signals such as
stereo audio, s-Video (Y/C), balanced audio, etc. It allows one of up to five dual sources to be routed to
one dual output. Since the signal path is passive, using high quality relays, the VS-55 can also operate in
the opposite direction, allowing one source to be routed to any one of five destinations.
The VS-55 also provides an EXT connector, which allows several units to be combined to form larger
switching systems. For example, two units will form a 10x1, three will form a 15x1, etc. A 12VDC
power supply is included for typical operation, but the optional model VA-50P can power up to six
Kramer devices requiring 12VDC. All Kramer VM-50 and VS-55 series products can be rack-mounted
using the model RK-50R kit that holds two units in one or two vertical rack spaces.
Panel features of the VS-55 are described in Figure and Table .
: VS-55 Front and Rear Panel Features
: VS-55 Front and Rear Panel Features
No. Feature Function
POWER Switch Supplies power to the machine
INPUT Selector switches Illuminated touch-button switches for selecting the desired input.
INPUTS/OUTPUTS sockets 5 Dual RCA connectors that can serve as inputs or outputs.
OUT/IN socket 1 Dual RCA connector that can serve as output or input.
EXT socket A single RCA socket that is used for switcher extension
12VDC socket For connecting a DC power supply to the machine
LINK socket A DB-9 female socket for parallel operation of several machines or
for contact closure remote control.
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