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The fastest way to get started is to take your time and do everything right the first time. Taking 15 minutes
to read the manual may save you a few hours later. You don’t even have to read the whole manual. If a
section doesn’t apply to you, you don’t have to spend your time reading it.
The items contained in your Kramer accessory package are listed below. Please save the original box and
packaging materials for possible future transportation and shipment.
User Manual
Kramer Concise Product Catalog
12 V DC Power Supply
4 Rubber Feet
Optional Accessories
The following accessories, which are available from Kramer, can enhance implementation of your
. For information regarding cables and additional accessories, contact your Kramer dealer.
 Rack Adapter (RK-50R) - Used to install smaller machines in a standard 1 or 2 U rack. One or more
machines may be installed on each adapter.
 BNC "Y" Connector - Used for looping purposes and splits the incoming signal to enable connection
of an additional machine.
 Termination Plug - Used to terminate the line to 75ohm for proper matching.
 A video or s-Video distribution amplifier – such as the Kramer VM-3V, VM-50V, VM-10ARII, VM-
20ARII (video), VM-3S, VM-50YC, VM-5YC, VM-10YC (s-Video) for distributing the output signals
to several acceptors simultaneously.
 An Audio Distribution Amplifier – such as Kramer VM-50A, VM-80A etc. for distributing the output
signals to several acceptors simultaneously.
 A line amplifier – such as Kramer VM-9S, 104L (video), VM-9YC, 103YC (s-Video), for transmitting
signals over long distances, minimizing cable losses.
 VIDEO TESTER - A new, unique, patented, indispensable tool for the video professional, the Video
Tester is used to test a video path leading to/from an amplifier. By pressing only one touch switch it can
trace missing signals, distinguish between good and jittery (VCR sourced) signals, and identify the
presence of good signals. Whenever a video signal is missing- because of bad connections, cable breaks
or faulty sources- the Video Tester is all you need.
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