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Remote controlling the Switchers
All the switchers of the VS-55 family may be contact-closure remote controlled via the “LINK” connector.
The distance between the switcher and the remote contact-closure assembly should preferably no be more
than 10 meters. Use table 5 below for identification of the DB-9 pin numbers and their use.
 Connect a DB-9 male plug and cable (screened or flat) into the LINK connector of the VS-55 family
 Identify the wires corresponding to the relevant pins in table 5.
 Pin #3 which is +8V (VCC) should be the common line of the contact closure assembly. Momentarily
touching one of the wires connected to pins 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 of the DB-9 connector will activate the
corresponding switch. For example forming a momentary connection between pin #7 wire to the VCC
wire (pin #3) will force the switcher to activate switch #4. Connecting pin #9 wire momentarily to pin #3
wire will activate switch #2.
 Be careful not to short pin #3 (VCC) and pin #2 (ground) as it may blow the fuse of the machine.
 Connecting several switchers and their LINK connectors in parallel will enable the user to activate all
interconnected switchers with one momentary connection.
DB-9 Pin Number Connected to:
2 Ground
3 VCC = 8V
5 Switch # 1
6 Switch # 5
7 Switch # 4
8 Switch # 3
9 Switch # 2
1 Not Connected
4 Not Connected
Table 5: Pin configuration of the “LINK” connector
 Do not locate your machine in an environment where it is susceptible to dust or moisture. Both of
these may damage the electronics, and cause erratic operation or failure.
 Do not locate your machine where temperature and humidity may be excessive.
 Do not clean your machine with abrasives or strong cleaners. Doing so may remove or damage the
finish, or may allow moisture to build up.
 Take care not to allow dust or particles to build up inside unused or open connectors.
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