DU6871/DW6851/DX6831 DLP Projector - User's Manual
The User's Manual describes the installation, setup and operation of the DU6871/DW6851/
DX6831 projector and provides assistance to the installation personnel and the end-user
to fully develop the performance of the projector� Vivitek has made every efforts to ensure
that the information in the Manual is correct at the time of printing� The contents may be
frequently updated due to the continuously product improvement and customer feedback�
Product Features
VivitekDU6871/DW6851/DX6831 has the cutting-edge technique and creative dual-lamp
optical engine to provide the native high resolution as well as clear, brilliant and vivid
pictures� Main Characteristics and Advantages of the Product Series
 The DLP system with the high performance digital micromirror device (DMD) in
conjunction with the advanced thermal management technology provide the excellent
projecting performance and reliability�
 The advanced dual-lamp optical engine as well as the single-lamp, dual-lamp, normal,
energy-saving and Custom Lamp Power mode offer the convenience for installation�
The power of lamps can be adjusted in the normal and energy-saving modes to make it
 With the lamp switching feature, the projector can automatically select the lamps less
used when turned on�
 The projector has the replaceable color wheel and smart color wheel switch design,
can automatically detect and switch the parameter of corresponding color wheels and
can be used in conjunction with the color wheel of high brightness or beautiful hues� It
is applicable to the single projector�
 The interchangeable lens design allows the user to easily and quickly change the
suitable lens by pressing the Lens Release key�
 With the complete series of motorized projection lenses, the horizontal shift, focusing
and zooming of lenses can be electrically controlled� The throw ratio ranges from 0�7:1
to 8�5:1 and is suitable to be used in most applications�
 With the built-in Lens Memory feature, lens homing can be automatically implemented�
10 sets of lens shift, focusing and zooming can be saved at most� The setup and quick
adjustment can be carried out�
 The mechanical shutter is built in the optical engine and allows the user to turn on/
pause projection by pressing a single key�
 The high performance video processor can be used in progressive and interlaced
scanning of the video inputs and video noise reduction�
 The complete input terminal support many input signals, such as HDMI, DisplayPort,
HDBaseT, YPbPr and VGA, etc�
 With the built-in HDBaseT receiver� HDBaseT transmitter can send high quality video
and control signals through the single RJ45 cable�
 Many 3D display format is supported, such as Frame Sequential, Top/Bottom, Side by
Side and Frame Packing�
 The synchronization of DLP Link and 3D IR is supported�
 
stand-by mode�
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