DU6871/DW6851/DX6831 DLP Projector - User's Manual
Installation and Use Notice
1� Read and keep the description properly�
2� Pay attention to all warnings�
3� Follow all guidelines and descriptions�
4� Do not use the equipment near water�
5� Do not install the equipment near the thermal source, such as the heater, radiator,
6� Use dry clothes to clean only�
7� Do not obstruct any vent� Carry out installation according to the guidelines of the
8� Do not destroy the safety protection function of polarized or grounding plugs� A
polarized plug has one wide and one narrow blade� The grounding plug has two blades
and one grounding blade� The wide blade or grounding blade is provided for the safety
concerns� If the plug provided does not match the outlet, contact the electrician to
change the old outlet�
9� Prevent the power cord from being treaded or pressed, especially the power cord on
the plug, outlet and the connection between the power cord and the equipment�
10� Only use the connectors/accessories designated by the Manufacturer�
11� Be careful of moving the trolley/equipment and avoid being hurt due to turning-over
when using the trolley�
12� Unplug the power cord of the equipment if there is a thunderstorm or the equipment
will not be used for a long time�
13� The authorized maintenance personnel is responsible for all maintenance work� The
equipment should be repaired if damaged in any means� (For example, the power cord
or outlet is damaged� Liquids splash to the equipment or foreign objects fall into the
equipment� The equipment is exposed to rain or humidity� The equipment cannot work
functionally or falls�)
14� The +12V trigger only outputs 12V DC trigger signal� Do not connect to other power
input or output� Otherwise, the equipment may be damaged�
15� The packaging materials should be kept properly for the use of transportation�
16� Do not look straight at the lens when the projector is running�
Important Recycling Instructions
The lamp of the product contains mercury� The product may contain other electronic
wastes and may pose risk if not discarded properly� Abide by the local, state/provincial or
federal laws of recycling or discarding�
For more information, please visit the website and contact Electronic Industries Alliance
disposal information of lamps�
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