DU6871/DW6851/DX6831 DLP Projector - User's Manual
1� Remove the lens cover if the lens is not installed in the projector�
Pull the edge of the lens cover with one hand ( ), so that the lens cover can be
removed easily with the other hand ( )�
2� If the lens is installed in the projector, press the release button and support the lens
with one hand� Turn the lens counterclockwise to loosen it and pull it from the holder�
3� Align the " " symbol on the lens label with the " " symbol on the top of the body (align
to the center of the lens hole)� Make sure the lens is pushed into the holder and turn
it clockwise to the "Lock" position� When turning the lens, the "Click" sounds twice to
Arrow up
4� 
 When removing the lens, make sure you press and hold the release button to loosen and unlock the lens
from inside of the projector�
 The projector supports the lens memory function� Perform the memory function every time when you install
the lens�
Installing or Removing the Projection Lens
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