DU6871/DW6851/DX6831 DLP Projector - User's Manual
3D Format: Select this option and press the Enter button to enable 3D replay and set
3D option�
Off: Turn off the 3D Display Mode� When Auto, Side by Side, Top/Bottom or Frame
Sequential is selected, the 3D Mode will be turned on� To turn off the 3D Mode,
select "Off" and press the Enter button�
Auto: Enable the 3D format to automatically detect the formats of Side by Side,
Top/Bottom and Frame Sequential�
This function may only be enabled for the input signal below
-The input signal is HDMI 1�4a 3D�
-The HDMI 1�4a 3D signal connects to the projector through the HDBaseT
Side by Side: Manually switch the 3D Format to Side by Side� This option is only
applicable to the HDMI input signal or the HDMI signal sent using the HDBaseT
Top/Bottom: Manually switch the 3D Format to Top/Bottom� This option is only
applicable to the HDMI input signal or the aforementioned signal sent through the
HDBaseT transmitter�
Frame Sequential: Set the format to Frame Sequential�
DLP Link: Set to activate or deactivate the DLP Link sync�
3D Swap: If the 3D imaged viewed through the 3D glasses for the left and right eyes
are inverse, set the 3D Swap to "Inverse"� If the images are normal, keep the current
setting as Normal�
3D 24Hz Projection: Set the 3D 24Hz image frame rate to 144fps or 96fps� This option
is only applicable when the input signal is 24Hz�
The projector provides DLP Link and 3D IR sync� After the 3D Mode is enabled, the built-in DLP Link or
external 3D IR transmitter can be used to synchronize the signal of the 3D glasses� Or, you may turn off
the DLP Link sync signal and only select the external 3D IR transmitter to synchronize the 3D signal�
The people listed below shall be aware when watching 3D images:
-Children under six years in age
-People who are allergic to light, unhealthy and have the history of cardiovascular
-People who are tired or lack of sleep
-People who are under the impact of drug or alcohol
Normally, it's safe to watch 3D images� However, some people might feel uncomfortable�
Refer to the guidelines revised and released by the 3D League on December 10, 2008�
People need to take a break for at least 5 to 15 minutes every thirty minutes or one hour�
Select the familiar OSD Menu language� English, French, Spanish, German,
Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional, Japanese and Korean�
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