DU6871/DW6851/DX6831 DLP Projector - User's Manual
RGB-Video: Use the RGB color space and set the black to 16, 16, 16 RGB while set
the white to 235, 235, 235 (if a 8-bit image is used) to correspond to the luminance
value defined in the digital component standard�
Input Lock
You can use this function to lock an input source to the internal sync signal (Auto, 48Hz,
50Hz or 60 Hz)� The sync signal is locked to the current signal source if it’s set to Auto�
You can use this function to specify the image to be displayed on the blank screen
when no signal is input� You can select the Logo, Blue, Black, or White�
The default is Logo�
Auto Sync Adjust
You can use this function to set auto synchronization for the input signal�
Auto: The projector memorizes 10 sets of signal sources that you have used lately�
When the Auto option is selected, the projector will choose the signal that you use last
Always: The auto sync function is executed every time�
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