DU6871/DW6851/DX6831 DLP Projector - User's Manual
Connecting the Projector to Other Equipment
Follow the instructions below to connect the DU6871/DW6851/DX6831 projector to the
video source, external control equipment (if any) and AC power supply� When connecting
to the equipment, use the correct signal cable to connect to every signal source and
ensure that the cable is securely connected� Fasten the nut on the joint and connect the
Connecting to the Personal Computer
You can connect the PC signal to be projected to the projector through the DVI-D, HDMI,
DisplayPort, RGB or RGBHV (BNC) cable� If the signal to be input is VGA signal, connect
the VGA cable to the external display to simultaneously monitor the projected screen�
Connecting to the Video Equipment
Connect the video equipment to the input port of the projector via the DVI-D, HDMI,
DisplayPort and Component Video Connector cable�
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