TP-581T, TP-582T and TP582R - Connecting the Devices
5.7 Acquiring the EDID
To acquire the EDID, connect the transmitter and receiver system as described in
Section 5.
Once the power is connected, the system acquires the EDID according to the
following priorities:
If only one output is connected, the EDID is acquired from that output
If both outputs are connected, the EDID is acquired from the output
connected to HDMI OUT 1
If no output is connected, the default EDID is acquired
To acquire the EDID of a newly connected output:
1. Disconnect the power on the TP-582R.
2. Connect the new acceptor (to HDMI OUT 1, if two outputs are connected).
3. Connect the power.
The EDID is acquired only if the power is disconnected and then
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