TP-581T, TP-582T and TP582R - Connecting the Devices
5 Connecting the Devices
Always switch off the power to each device before connecting it to your
TP-581T, TP-582T and TP582R. After connecting your TP-581T,
TP-582T and TP582R, connect its power and then switch on the
power to each device.
You can use the TP-581T HDMI Line Transmitter or the TP-582T HDMI
Switcher/Line Transmitter with the TP-582R HDMI Line Receiver DA to configure
an HDMI transmitter/receiver system.
To connect the TP-582T or TP-581T, see Section 5.1
To connect the TP-582R, see Section 5.2
To remotely control the AV equipment, see Section 5.3
5.1 Connecting the TP-582T or TP-581T
To connect the TP-582T or TP-581T as shown in the example in Figure 4, do the
1. Connect the HDMI IN1 connector to the first HDMI source (for example, a
DVD player 1) for the TP-582T.
On the TP-581T, connect the HDMI IN connector to the HDMI source.
2. Connect the HDMI IN2 connector to the second HDMI source (for example, a
DVD player 2).
There is no HDMI IN 2 connector for the TP-581T.
3. Connect the ETHERNET RJ-45 connector to a network.
4. Connect the RS-232 9-pin D-sub connector to a computer.
5. Connect the IR 3.5mm mini jack to an IR emitter.
6. Connect the REMOTE CONTROL terminal block to an external set of
switches (not shown in Figure 4).
7. Connect the LINE OUT RJ-45 connector over CAT 5 twisted pair to the
TP-582R LINE IN connector.
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