Keep the original packing materials for future transportation or shipping of your
HDD Drive Demolisher. Damage caused by improper packing or shipping will
void the warranty.
Do not attempt to transport, unpack, or pack the unit without proper assistance.
The unit is extremely heavy and may require the aid of mechanical equipment
for transportation. Improper handling of the unit may result in personal injury or
damage to property.
Inspect packaging and unit for damage after transportation prior to installation or
operation of the device.
Tools Required
Writing Utensil (Pencil, Pen, or Marker)
Power Drill
1/2 inch Drill bit
(2) 11/16 inch wrenches or equivalent
1. Remove the enclosure from the packaging and place it upright on
the desired table surface. NOTE: Prior to installation ensure that the
structure can support the unit’s weight and any loads expected during
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