Key Items - HDD Drive Demolisher
1. HDD Platform for 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch hard disk drives
The HDD Platform holds the hard driven in place in the demolition
chamber to properly align the destruction anvil and hard drives.
This User Guide provides important information regarding the installation and
operation of the Aleratec HDD Drive Demolisher. Please keep a copy of this
User Guide for future reference.
Please read the entire guide prior to installation or operation and follow the
provided instructions in order to prevent property damage or personal injury.
Improper operating environment and misuse may void the warranty.
Do not attempt to install the device without assistance. Never attempt to lift the
device alone.
For best results we recommend securely mounting the HDD Drive Demolisher
onto a sturdy surface. Do not attempt to operate device when safety door is
Do not allow children to handle or use this product.
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