Key Items - HDD Drive Demolisher
1. See Through Front Door
The see-through front door acts as a safety mechanism. When the door
is in the open position it blocks the hydraulic pump handle from being
operated. Close the front door to operate.
2. Door Handle
Use the door handle to slide open and slide closed the front door to
either insert or remove hard disk drives
3. HDD Destruction Anvil
The Destruction Anvil pushes down on the hard disk drive(s) bending
and breaking the internal and external components, which renders the
HDD inoperable.
4. Handle
Pump the Handle to lower the Destruction Anvil to bend and break the
internal and external components of the hard disk drive(s). For best
results use smooth, full strokes.
5. Pressure Release Control
To lower the Destruction Anvil make sure the Pressure Release Control
is closed. Top raise the Destruction Anvil, open the Pressure Release
6. Oil Fill Hole
The HDD Drive Demolisher is shipped with proper amount of Hydraulic
Oil. If at some time you need to add oil, please remove the screw and
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