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VS-211H2 Connecting the VS-211H2
Priority Setting: DIP 1 is Set to ON (Down)
In this switching mode, if a source is present on the “priority input”, then this source is
switched to the output.
DIP 2 defines the priority input:
When set to OFF (up), INPUT 1 is the priority input.
When set to ON (down), INPUT 2 is the priority input.
Reactivating or reconnecting the non-priority input has no effect on switching.
Last Connected Setting: DIP 1 is Set to OFF (Up)
In this switching mode, whenever a source is connected to an input which, until then, did not
have a valid source connected to it, that input is switched to the output. (The reactivating or
reconnecting of any source makes it the new “Last Connected” source).
DIP 2 has no effect in this switching mode.
Manual Override: Using the REMOTE switches
Controlling via the remote contact closure pushbuttons (see Figure 3) overrides all DIP-switch
settings and automatic switching until the manually selected source disconnects, becomes
inactive or the VS-211H2 is powered off.
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