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VS-211H2 Connecting the VS-211H2
Connecting the REMOTE Terminal Block Connector
Regardless of the default input switch setting, you can force the switching of the active input
by remote control. To do this, connect the appropriate REMOTE input terminal block
connector pins to a momentary contact closure switches (pushbuttons) (see Figure 3).
To force input source 1: momentarily connect REMOTE IN1 to PIN G (ground).
To force input source 2: momentarily connect REMOTE IN2 to PIN G (ground).
Do not connect both the REMOTE IN1 and the REMOTE IN2 to PIN G simultaneously.
Figure 3: REMOTE Terminal Block Connector
The contact closure setting remains in effect until the selected source device is disconnected
or the VS-211H2 is powered off. All automatic switching is overridden.
Setting the VS-211H2 DIP-Switches and Operation
When active input sources are connected to IN 1 and IN 2, the VS-211H2 switches in
accordance with the DIP-switch settings on the rear of the unit.
Figure 4: DIP Switches
The settings and switching behavior can be set in any of the following ways:
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