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VS-211H2 Connecting the VS-211H2
Connecting the VS-211H2
Always switch off the power to each device before connecting it to your VS-211H2. After
connecting your VS-211H2, connect its power and then switch on the power to each
To connect the VS-211H2, as illustrated in the example in Figure 2, do the following:
1. Connect the INPUT 1 connector to HDMI source 1 (for example, a Blu-ray player).
2. Connect the INPUT 2 connector to HDMI source 2 (for example, a laptop computer
graphics source 4K@60 UHD).
3. Connect the OUTPUT connector to an HDMI acceptor (for example, a
4K@60 UHD projector).
4. If manual switching is needed, connect contact closure (pushbutton) switches to the
REMOTE terminal block see Connecting the REMOTE Terminal Block
Connector on page 6.
Figure 2: Connecting the VS211H2 Automatic HDMI Standby Switcher
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