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Before installing your 1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser, please read the following.
Avoid placing the 1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser in a location subject to:
High humidity
High temperature
Excessive dust
Mechanical vibration
Direct sunlight
Electromagnetic radiation
Choose a Good Location
1. Allow adequate clearance for moving parts.
2. Do not place near heat sources such as radiators or air ducts, or in a place
subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust, mechanical vibration or shock.
3. Disconnect the AC adapter from the outlet if the product is not used for an
extended period of time.
4. Proper care will help assure maximum product life. Improper operating
environment and misuse may void the warranty.
Do not move the 1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser during operation. This may cause a
malfunction or other undesirable results.
Avoid exposing the unit to sudden changes in temperature as condensation may form
inside the 1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser. Should the surrounding temperature suddenly
rise while the 1:11 HDD Copy Cruiser is on, wait at least one hour before turning
off the power. Operating the duplicator immediately after a sudden increase in
temperature may result in a malfunction.
Keep the original packing materials for future moving or shipping of the 1:11 HDD
Copy Cruiser.
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